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Unafraid to be different, Denys defies convention and stays on top.
"Imagine," says Denys Defrancesco, "that my first published photo set came out in Mayfair in 1981.
My second publication was in 1984. Just picture how hard those early years in between must have been!"
It takes a special kind of courage to be a starving aesthete dedicated to the popular yet disreputable art of
photographing naked women. "It takes a true dedication to the beautiful - and not a false one," says Denys."
Second-rate nude photographers are not quite so highly thought of in society as second-rate poets, even though it takes as much practice to become first-rate," muses Denys. It's not the kind of art that a person might choose just for applause or recognition - that's one reason that it takes real stubbornness to survive at it.
Nonetheless, all those tenacious years in Paris as a starving artist have paid off for Defrancesco. He is now
recognized as one of the greatest living talents in nude photography. His secret, besides one of the greatest compositional eyes in photography today, and an ability to move fast to compose the image that mustn't get away, is a creative drive that stands unrivalled in the adult photography industry.

Denys' unique visual imagination is singularly suited to capturing women in their own beauty, rather than one which is plastered on, or poses in a superficial or hoakey setting. His style is characterized by his ability to light sumptuously yet naturally, and to bring out the natural in women in photographs that are at once realistic, natural and lively, and yet extremely sexy. None of that blur-photography, plastic-boob, bright color stuff for Denys: his work always reflects a scrupulous attention to detail that is never overstated, always close to the real, yet never anything less than consummately professional.

Denys Defrancesco - Photographer

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Photos: Glamour - Nudes - Erotic - Fetish - Pink
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